Do It Yourself Downloads

Why Make Your Own Gifts?

After a long break from making art, Bridie decided it was time to come home to her creativity. She realised that ultimately the thing holding her back from making was fear; ‘It won’t turn out how i imagined it’, ‘no one will like it’, ‘It’s silly’ were all regular thoughts. We’ve all been there!

One day she realised that even though she wasn’t putting pen-to-paper, creative expression was spilling out into the world anyway. A little flower arrangement here, maybe an improvised recipe there - little things. She noticed that creativity doesn’t have to look a certain way, and there are so many ways to bring art into our lives.

These downloads are made to supportively spark your creativity. They’re full of achievable ideas, which you are encouraged to customize and make your own as much as your heart desires! And trust me, if there’s one thing the heart desires, it’s creativity! 

Click here to make your own Well-Being Gifts!

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