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LUNA - Folk Moon

Inspired by the phases of the moon, peaceful daily rituals and picking flowers. A nod to secretive natural witches, storytellers and spell-casters, hidden in plain sight. When you take the time to look closer, you will notice there are hints, clues and inklings all around...

Luna - Folk Moon is Available as a full-bleed (no white border) square print, or a bordered print in A3 and A2 sizes. If you have a preferred size that is not specified - please contact me for a quote.


︎ Full-Bleed Square Print (Image 1)
︎ Bordered A3 and A2 sizes (Images 3 & 4)
︎ Enhanced Matte, 200gsm Paper
︎ Freshly Printed to order
︎ Supplied Unframed

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